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Live Music For Your Event

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Looking for Live Music for Your Event?

Look no further! It’s what we do! The right live music for your event will make such a difference. We do like to blow our own trumpet but if you “don’t believe me just watch”:

We cover all events.

Whatever the occasion, we can entertain, impress, enhance, inspire and enchant. Whether it’s a birthday party, engagement party, or wedding, we have the live music you need. We also cover corporate events, sporting events, festivals, bars and restaurants, and anything else you can think of!

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NetParty Social BNI Event – 22nd September

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BNI’s NetParty Social is an event not to be missed!

Members from BNI across the Yorkshire region have collaborated to put on an amazing evening of entertainment on the 22nd of September 2018 at Weetwood Hall. It is in aid of 6 amazing charities because of the fabulous benefits they provide. So why not help us support them by enjoying yourself! There will be a welcome drink on arrival, a BBQ, live music, entertainers, and also a raffle! Everybody is welcome to the NetParty Social, and you can purchase your tickets here. We Scan Tickets are kindly donating all their fees to the charity fund, and all the entertainment has been provided by BNI businesses.

Huge thanks to the following BNI businesses for their support:

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The Hawkhills in Easingwold

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About The Hawkhills.

The Hawkhills in Easingwold, near York, is an absolutely stunning venue. It’s the most beautiful Georgian and Victorian country home, which has been updated to provide outstanding facilities and accommodation. It’s set in 240 acres of the most picturesque gardens and forest you’ve probably ever seen! The backdrop will wow guests at any special event with its elegant dining room, bar, plush meeting rooms and lecture theatre.

As a result, The Hawkhills is the perfect venue for pretty much everything! From weddings to conferences, team building to training, family gatherings to charity functions, and anything else you can think of.

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Live music for your wedding

Live Music For Your Wedding – How To Plan

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Planning live music for your wedding?

Here are some things to think about if you’re considering live music for your wedding.

When do you want the music?

When you think about live music for your wedding, you would probably only think about the evening do. But what about rest of the wedding? Having a solo singer or band at your ceremony can totally change the mood for everybody involved. You can choose 3-4 songs for events such as the arrival of the bride, the walk down the aisle, signing of the register, and your exit as newlyweds! It’s so much more personal than just having a CD playing in the background.

There’s also the drinks reception. When all the excitement of the actual ceremony has died down a bit, live music at the reception can ramp it back up again. It will give the day a bit of continuity and keep your guests entertained, whilst not being intrusive and allowing people to mingle and chat. Obviously the time of your wedding will depend on how long you’d like the set to be.

Then there’s the wedding breakfast! Whilst you’re eating your first meal as a married couple, the music will keep the buzz of excitement going. You don’t want the party feeling fizzling out before the speeches and heckling starts! Read More

live music for your wedding

How to KEEP CALM when planning your wedding

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Planning a wedding

Planning your wedding can involve endless details, deadlines, family drama, and far too often enough stress to make you want to just elope. Check out the advice below, and perhaps look into a wedding planner to help you pull it all together. An exciting, fun, creative thing to do? Or, a terrifyingly daunting prospect? (especially to those unfamiliar with extensive planning).

When you’re planning your wedding, keep it simple. Extravagance can come at a later date. Titivation (I love that word) comes when you have any spare funds available to titivate with. Whatever it is you’re imagining, get it down on paper. Make a start. There’s no guarantee that your plans will stay as they are written. Have a plan A, B and even a plan C.

Here are some ways to keep yourself cool, calm and collected when it comes to planning your wedding. You’ll have everyone amazed at how you put on such a fabulous wedding without the emotional rollercoaster that far too commonly comes hand in hand!

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Wedding Guest Fundamental Rules

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How to be a good wedding guest…
“I solemnly swear that I, The Wedding Guest, will make it my absolute priority to ensure The Happy Couple truly have the best day of their lives!”

It is your responsibility to ensure your Bride and Groom/Bride & Bride/Groom & Groom (let’s call them BGBBGG’s) have the best day of their lives on their wedding day. If you’re a wedding guest, you’re most likely a close friend or family member to at least one of the newly weds to be, so please do them a favour and follow our 10 fundamental rules to ensure you keep to your vow.

Function-Band-Leeds-Wedding Guest

The Wedding Guest Rules:

  1. Turn up on time.
  2. Don’t turn up drunk.
  3. Remember to bring the card (with money in)/present.
  4. Take your BGBBGG’s a drink (don’t ask them if they want one just take it to them!)
  5. Smile/Laugh/Clap/Cheer.
  6. (Essential) Make a fuss of the dress/suit/cake.
  7. Dance! Dance like you’ve never danced before. Even if you don’t like the music. Dance!
  8. Compliment your BGBBGG’s on their big day. (Even if you’re having the worst time ever which I’m sure you won’t be especially if LiveBand Entertainment are playing.)
  9. Don’t leave early.

No, you’re not solely responsible for their day, but you have a big part to play.

I have sung at so many weddings and during my hours of “happily waiting around” I have observed everyone/everything that goes on.

One of my pet hates occurs when it’s time to cut the cake. This might not be a big moment for you, however your BGBBGG’s have most likely spent a small fortune on their very intricate piece of delicious art. So get up from your seat, congregate around them, make a fuss and take a photo or two. Furthermore, congratulate them on how beautiful it is. Come on it’s really not that hard.

Do not sit down after the first dance, join your newly weds on the dance floor and DANCE!

Make an effort to get snap happy with the happy couple. They might have spent most of the day with the photographer but they’ll love it if you approach them for a selfie. They should feel like celebrities.


If you follow these 10 simple rules you’ll have one very happy and grateful BGBBGG.

Have fun.

Check out the fabulous ‘FuncTown’ performing a first dance for our beautiful couple Nat and Matt:

The Motown Souls

Should you have a live band or a DJ for your wedding?

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When planning your big day, one of the many things to consider is whether to have a live band or DJ. Whilst each couple’s dream day is no doubt different, there are some key things everyone should bear in mind when deciding what kind of entertainment to opt for…


Planning a wedding


The music you choose for your reception will affect the overall atmosphere and how many guests get up to dance and how long they dance for! Live bands add an element of excitement to the evening that pre-recorded tracks cannot match. The performance element that musicians provide for guests is also something to consider. A great band will interact with their audience, get people up to dance, feel the mood and match it accordingly.


Whether you opt for a live band or a DJ it is vital they are able to play a variety of pieces. Whilst you may want most songs to cater for a certain demographic, it’s important to indulge relatives from a different generation with one or two of their favourite tunes too. If you choose a live band they may be able to play specially agreed pieces too, for example during the drinks reception or whilst you cut the cake.


When deciding whether to have a lived band or a DJ it’s helpful to know how much space is available – both for the band or decks as well as for guests to dance in. Keep this in mind when deciding on your venue.

LiveBand Entertainment know that a live band can help create the wow factor at a wedding, providing the bride and groom, as well as their guests, with an unforgettable night. From the first dance to the final song we will help you to celebrate your big day in style. For more information about our acts and the services we provide, please get in touch today on 0782 8435 299.

You can additionally get a taster of what our acts have to offer by clicking here and viewing our range of YouTube videos.

Personalised Song

Personalised song just for you. Share your story…

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And you can tell everybody, this is your song” Elton John

A personalised song just for you. Share your story….

Do you ever sing along to music in the car? The shower perhaps? Of course you do. We all sing along to our favourite songs everyday without realising it. But, have you ever listened to the words? I mean really listened. Ever wondered what they mean?  Why they were written? Every song tells a story. Every song has a message, a hidden meaning. Every song is about somebody, somewhere. Imagine a song that tells your story, shares your memories and captures your special moments!  A personalised song just for you.

LiveBand Entertainment offers personalised songwriting for anyone wanting to share their treasured moments with their family and friends in a unique and creative way. Capturing years of powerful memories all in one song. The perfect addition to any event. You could even get your band to perform your song live, or just treasure it forever, a keepsake. You never know, it could end up being the next No.1.

What we’d need to know:

Tell us a bit about yourselves……….

What’s your favourite style of music?…………..

Would you like a romantic piece or do you prefer something comical?

Would you like to feature in the recording? Either as musician or singer?

Maybe you’d like to write the lyrics yourself…….

You can have everything to do with your song or nothing at all, it’s entirely up to you. Once your song is written and produced it’s yours. You can do whatever you want with it.

If you want anymore information on this please get in touch. LBE would be more than happy to help. We will write and record the perfect personalised song for you “and you can tell everybody, this is your song“.