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Hire A Solo Artist.

Looking for something different to wow your guests? Love the idea of a solo acoustic act but don’t know where to start looking? How do you decide who to choose? We offer you many solo artists to choose from, all different but all ridiculously talented! All our solo artists will bring a uniqueness to your event, whatever the occasion. They are all perfect for providing the atmosphere you need, whether it be chilled/background music, romance or upbeat.

How to decide who to choose?

As LiveBand Entertainment acts are all so brilliant (obviously!) the deciding factor should come down to taste. Who will suit the style of your event? Is it a stylish, trendy feel you’re going for? Or maybe a more classic, sophisticated touch? What will go down well with your guests? Request a set list and have a look at the style of music they play. Do they play all your favourite songs? If not, no problem! All our artists are happy to learn a selection of song requests so, if your favourite tunes don’t appear on their list, all you have to do is let Melody know and she will work her magic.

So who do we have? Let me introduce you:


Cherie will design her repertoire and performance around your personal preferences to ensure it is everything you hoped and wished for. Whether you are looking for gentle background music to add a touch of magic, a jaw dropping moment to make time stand still, or want an original song written and performed just for you.

Hire a solo artist


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Music Box - Inspiring Voices

Music Box – Inspiring Voices

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Music Box – Inspiring Voices.

Those of you that have met Melody will know how passionate she is about music. She truly loves to spread joy and inject music wherever she goes! This is why she created not only LiveBand Entertainment, but also Music Box – Inspiring Voices. The two companies are intrinsically linked by Melody’s infectious enthusiasm for all things musical. People of all backgrounds, abilities and ages can get involved.

How Music Box Was Born.

The aim of Music Box – Inspiring Voices is to make a difference to people’s lives. Injecting music into everyone and introducing them to the powerful world of creativity and feel good music. They do this by creating fun, uplifting performance opportunities.

When Melody’s dad passed away 9 years ago, her family received letter after letter from previous students and pupils thanking him for believing in them, guiding them through school or college, and creating so many wonderful memories for them. Melody would love to follow in his footsteps and touch the lives of people in the same way.

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awards ceremony

Awards Ceremony with Live Music

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Looking for Live Music for Your Awards Ceremony?

Here at LiveBand Entertainment we absolutely love celebrating achievements! Whether you’re holding a small awards ceremony to reward and recognise your staff, or you’re doing things on a grand scale like the Oscars, we can help you to keep all your guests feeling electric, acknowledged, and appreciated.

Everybody loves live music, so having it at your awards ceremony will literally MAKE your event.

Your winners won’t need much encouragement to get up and celebrate, however your runners up might feel a little bit deflated. Leave them to us, we will pick them up and infuse their gin with our tonic, getting them up on the dancefloor partying with our band all night long.


Having an awards ceremony is probably the most important date in the calendar for you, and for your team! It should be a lavish black tie and red carpet affair with no expense spared. Full of glitz, glamour, fizz and excitement, ice sculptures, fancy favours and an electric atmosphere. Basically it needs to be all singing, all dancing amazeballs!

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amalfi italian ristorante loves live music

Amalfi Italian Ristorante Loves Live Music!

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Amalfi Italian Ristorante Loves Live Music!

Here at LiveBand Entertainment HQ, we love a good Italian platter of food, especially at Amalfi! And because Amalfi Italian Ristorante loves live music, we get along like a house on fire! Amalfi have live music provided by LiveBand Entertainment every Friday from 7pm, and every Sunday from 5pm. Imagine tucking into something from their vast menu, whilst Lisanse, Katie, Marina or Cherie serenades you – divine!

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Live Music for The Tithe Barn

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Live Music for The Tithe Barn!

LiveBand Entertainment are pleased to announce a beautiful new relationship with The Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey! We now provide live music for The Tithe Barn and we couldn’t be happier! The Tithe Barn is a stunning venue set within the grounds of the Duke of Devonshire’s majestic Bolton Abbey estate. It is an historically significant building, which overlooks some of the UK’s most stunning landscape.

Wedding Venue.

Can you imagine tying the knot in a more breathtaking building, surrounded by incredible views wherever you look? Imagine the wedding photo’s!! If you’re wanting to book for 2019 you’d better move quick, as they’ve got limited availability already – check out the dates here. Read More

music for dementia sufferers

Music for Dementia

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Music for Dementia.

We should all be aware of the effects of dementia, whether you know someone who has it or not. If not, you can find out all about it here. The effects of dementia can be devastating not only to the person living with it, but to the rest of the family too. Some symptoms may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. These changes are often small to start with, but for someone with dementia they have become severe enough to affect daily life. They can also have mood changes, but when you play music for people living with dementia, those mood changes are positive!

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feel good music

Feel good music makes you FEEL GOOD!

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Feel Good Music.

When you listen to feel good music, you release “feel-good” chemicals, known as endorphins, into your body. Singing along is even better. Can you remember the last time you listened to happy music and didn’t feel good? Of course not, unless it was a specific song that holds a different meaning to you. This is why live music is so popular, because you go out to have a good time, to feel good, to enjoy yourself!

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new year's eve entertainment

New Year’s Eve Entertainment

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Party planning tips for your New Year’s Eve Entertainment!

New Year’s Eve is one of the best party nights of the year! Fireworks, dancing, socialising, selfies, and probably alcohol! When the clock strikes midnight this new years eve, make sure you can sit back and say “this was the BEST party ever” by following our tips to get the best out of your New Year’s Eve entertainment. If you’re planning a party on December 31st, then entertainment should be the first thing you think about!

New Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew year's eve entertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve EntertainmentNew Year's Eve Entertainment
1. Music is a Must.

Music is paramount to any fabulous party! Can you imagine a party without music? Dull or what? A live band or artist will be interactive with your guests, can help set the pace for the party and will have the dancefloor full in no time! If you have a particular theme in mind, we have the artist for you. It’s important to choose music that fits with your theme. You wouldn’t have a 60’s fancy dress party and have the band playing 90’s pop!

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Evie's Mission

Evie’s Mission

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Evie’s Mission.

Evie’s mission was set up to raise money for the beautiful Evie Hope Whittaker so that hopefully, she can receive potentially life altering immunotherapy treatment in Germany.

In 2016 Evie was diagnosed with a brain tumour which consequently left her disabled. She suffered a stroke caused by the tumour and as a result she it unable to move the left side of her body. Evie has had many different treatments which have managed to suppress the tumour however Evie is no longer receiving treatment and is now seeking immunotherapy which is being offered in Germany.
Christmas Party Band

Christmas Party Band – Book Yours NOW!

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Looking to book a Christmas Party Band?

If you’re not, then you almost certainly should be! A Christmas Party Band is an essential addition to any festive event. This is the time of year that gets REALLY BUSY for bookings, so make sure you book early. You don’t want to be the one that misses out!! Whether it’s a corporate event, an office Christmas Party, or even a wonderful winter wedding, we have a band for you!

Our Bands.

We offer function and party bands with years of experience performing at Christmas events. You’ll certainly want your Christmas party to be as memorable as possible right? Booking a live band is guaranteed to make that happen. Along with that one person who always gets a little too drunk!!

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