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LIFE – Live Imagine Feel Enjoy

LIFE! It’s a funny one.

We laugh, we cry, we live, we die!

Maybe a little morbid for a Wednesday morning but true, oh so true.

So what are you doing with your life? Are you living it? Do you cry more than you laugh? Do you hurt more than you love?

Life; it throws so many frightening and sour experiences our way, but it’s also absolutely filled with beauty and love if you’re going in the right direction, guided by the right people.

If you’re lost, change direction! If you don’t like what’s happening, turn around. Go back and start again.

If your path is obstructed, jump! Move things out of the way, or better still, deal with them (in a positive manner of course).

Do you want to lose weight? Feel healthier? Get fitter?

Eat more fruits and vegetables! Eat less fatty foods and sugar! Get some exercise! Go for a walk, a run, jog on the spot! Seriously, stop with the excuses! Just do it!

I’m not saying these things are simple, I’m saying they’re possible! So possible and life changing!

Life is a gift and we need to start appreciating how lucky so many of us truly are.

What is life to you?

Life to me is about growing, learning, working together, sharing kindness and loving as many people and animals as humanly possible.

Stop your grizzling and look around you. Not at the darkness or the struggles but at the light, the possibilities!

The world seriously is your oyster.

There’s plenty more fish in the sea (that is if we quit polluting it with plastic but that’s another blog).

Your life really is your message to the world so make it inspiring.

It’s so easy to forget that this may be our only chance to live life so please start living it.

Live every day like it could be your last.

Spend more time with the people you love and celebrate living.

Embrace failure and be proud of who you are.


Inspirational speech done and every word of it true and from my heart!





DIY Festival Party

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Do you love festivals?


Ever tried creating your own DIY Festival Party?


That’s exactly what one of our clients has done recently.

With festival season in full swing and 50 years since the original Woodstock Festival.

An ambitious birthday boy set out to transform a field, into his very own Hobstock 2019.

The birthday celebrations were shared with the 25 year anniversary of their family business.

So it was smiles all-round as the guests enjoyed getting some use out of their wellies in true British summer festival style.

With 2 live music tents, an array of entertainment, and endless beverages, this was one party to go down in history!

And who did they choose to headline this unique festival? FuncTown of course, our fabulous popular party band.

A bit of mud doesn’t scare them- they were definitely up for the challenge to make West Yorkshire’s Ilkley stand alongside Glastonbury and Leeds Festival for 2019.

With three frontline vocalists, a three piece horn section and our outrageously funky rhythm section; once they started playing the festival burst its banks with energy!

Their 10 piece party band was the perfect option for the event. They made sure everyone was up on the dance floor in full festive spirit.

The evening came to a close with an unforgettable firework display which had everyone’s jaws on the floor as they gazed up into the illuminated night sky.

The perfect close to a perfect day.

After the event, FuncTown gave a big shout out to their favourite live music agency- Live Band Entertainment, saying ” a big thanks for helping make sure the event ran smoothly and effortlessly.”

Luckily for you, FuncTown recorded their performance live. Check them out there:

Festival DIY Party

If you’d like to book FuncTown for your event get in touch here:

re-use or recycle your festival tent

Re-use or Recycle Your Festival Tent?

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Re-use or recycle your festival tent?

Camping at a festival is possibly one of the best experiences you can have! That is, assuming you can actually find your tent in the wee small hours when you’re all partied out! But would you re-use or recycle your festival tent? Or would you just leave it in the field?

We’ve all seen the images of fields full of abandoned tents after the likes of Glasto, but what happens to them? Does someone come and collect them and give them to the needy? Is someone paid to come and clear up after you? Does it all end up in landfill? According to SomersetLive, It costs organisers £780,000 to dispose of all the rubbish after the festival. That’s a lot of money that won’t go to Water Aid, Greenpeace or Oxfam! Read More

Budget Festivals in 2019

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Budget Festivals in 2019 – which will you go to?

If you’re watching the pennies but still desperate to get a festival or 2 this year, check out the list of budget festivals in 2019 below. There are some great headliners that you can go and see for not a great deal of money compared to some of the more expensive festivals this year.

Are you a serial music festival goer? Or maybe you just go to one a year? Either way, here’s our selection for the top ten budget music festivals of 2019, taken from Save The Student, so take your pick! If these are not what you’re looking for, check out our other festivals in 2019 blog. Read More

Festivals in 2019

Festivals in 2019

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Festivals in 2019 – which will you go to?

Music festivals are one of the most incredible experiences you can have if you love live music. Many of the Festivals in 2019 are more diverse and cultured than ever before, and they just keep getting bigger and better each year!

You simply can’t beat the feel good factor of a festival, whatever kind of festival it is! Food, entertainment, drinks, music, dancing, family, friends, the list goes on! There are so many different types of festival to choose from, but of course, it all comes down to personal taste and lifestyle. There’s festivals in 2019 up and down the UK for all manner of things – Foodies Festivals, Vegan Festivals, Beer Festivals, Film Festivals, and of course Music Festivals.

Are you a serial music festival goer? Or maybe you just go to one big one a year? Either way, here’s the top ten BIG music festivals of 2019 according to Festicket, so take your pick! Read More

Why You Can Trust Live Band Entertainment

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Find out why you can trust Live Band Entertainment to make your event THE BEST.

Nothing gives you confidence in a company, especially a music agency, quite like a personal recommendation. That’s why we like to shout about our video testimonials. Here at Live Band Entertainment, we say what we do and more importantly, we do what we say. And that’s why you can trust Live Band Entertainment.

Written testimonials are great, but let’s be honest, anyone could write one (we’re pretty sure some people are paid to write them!) That’s why we like to capture our clients on video – real people who have experienced how fantastic we are first hand! The clients in the video below have all used Live Band Entertainment, and were more than happy to be immortalised on film singing our praises!

Read More

Big news

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Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club Performance!

On Sunday 3rd March, something BIG happened!! Melody, the director of Live Band Entertainment got to perform at the extremely prestigious venue; Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club!! Eeeeeeek!!! The build up to the event was so exciting for Melody, and Live Band HQ heard all about it every single day up to the day of the performance and have done ever since! Not only did she get to perform there, she performed with Andy Cato aka Groove Armada and Doncaster Jazz Orchestra and all for a fabulous cause! Melody was there in support of the Doncaster Youth Jazz Association (DYJA). Formed in 1973 by John Ellis MBE, DYJA provides specialised individual tuition, instrumental masterclasses, ensemble workshops and performance opportunities via 3 ensembles for young musicians from a range of backgrounds and abilities.

“John is a highly respected gentlemen and he and his team of well trained and exceptionally talented music teachers have unlimited time for their students which is very charming to see. Hearing Andy tell his story with a tear in his eye about the time he spent at DYJA was heartwarming, and consequently highlighted to me how influential DYJA really is” Melody Reed.

Read More

hire a solo artist

Hire a Solo Artist – 07828 435299

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Hire A Solo Artist.

Looking for something different to wow your guests? Love the idea of a solo acoustic act but don’t know where to start looking? How do you decide who to choose? We offer you many solo artists to choose from, all different but all ridiculously talented! All our solo artists will bring a uniqueness to your event, whatever the occasion. They are all perfect for providing the atmosphere you need, whether it be chilled/background music, romance or upbeat.

How to decide who to choose?

As LiveBand Entertainment acts are all so brilliant (obviously!) the deciding factor should come down to taste. Who will suit the style of your event? Is it a stylish, trendy feel you’re going for? Or maybe a more classic, sophisticated touch? What will go down well with your guests? Request a set list and have a look at the style of music they play. Do they play all your favourite songs? If not, no problem! All our artists are happy to learn a selection of song requests so, if your favourite tunes don’t appear on their list, all you have to do is let Melody know and she will work her magic.

So who do we have? Let me introduce you:


Cherie will design her repertoire and performance around your personal preferences to ensure it is everything you hoped and wished for. Whether you are looking for gentle background music to add a touch of magic, a jaw dropping moment to make time stand still, or want an original song written and performed just for you.

Hire a solo artist


Read More

Music Box - Inspiring Voices

Music Box – Inspiring Voices

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Music Box – Inspiring Voices.

Those of you that have met Melody will know how passionate she is about music. She truly loves to spread joy and inject music wherever she goes! This is why she created not only LiveBand Entertainment, but also Music Box – Inspiring Voices. The two companies are intrinsically linked by Melody’s infectious enthusiasm for all things musical. People of all backgrounds, abilities and ages can get involved.

How Music Box Was Born.

The aim of Music Box – Inspiring Voices is to make a difference to people’s lives. Injecting music into everyone and introducing them to the powerful world of creativity and feel good music. They do this by creating fun, uplifting performance opportunities.

When Melody’s dad passed away 9 years ago, her family received letter after letter from previous students and pupils thanking him for believing in them, guiding them through school or college, and creating so many wonderful memories for them. Melody would love to follow in his footsteps and touch the lives of people in the same way.

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awards ceremony

Awards Ceremony with Live Music

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Looking for Live Music for Your Awards Ceremony?

Here at LiveBand Entertainment we absolutely love celebrating achievements! Whether you’re holding a small awards ceremony to reward and recognise your staff, or you’re doing things on a grand scale like the Oscars, we can help you to keep all your guests feeling electric, acknowledged, and appreciated.

Everybody loves live music, so having it at your awards ceremony will literally MAKE your event.

Your winners won’t need much encouragement to get up and celebrate, however your runners up might feel a little bit deflated. Leave them to us, we will pick them up and infuse their gin with our tonic, getting them up on the dancefloor partying with our band all night long.


Having an awards ceremony is probably the most important date in the calendar for you, and for your team! It should be a lavish black tie and red carpet affair with no expense spared. Full of glitz, glamour, fizz and excitement, ice sculptures, fancy favours and an electric atmosphere. Basically it needs to be all singing, all dancing amazeballs!

Read More

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