Looking to hire a band for your special day?

You’re getting married? You want this to be the best day of your life? For this you must have a Wedding Band. Here at LBE we have an array of amazing wedding bands. All unique to one another representing different genres.

You’re worrying about costs? Don’t, all our bands are available in all shapes and sizes so if you’re planning a budget wedding it’s still possible to create magic with live music. We have a wedding band to suit everyone from Rock, Pop, Soul, Swing, Jazz, Motown to Ska. Everything you could ever dream of, covering all aspects of your wedding day. From setting the scene at your ceremony, soothing background music for your wedding breakfast to foot stomping, electric grooves and singalongs all evening guaranteed to keep your guests dancing all night long.

AllParty BandsSax/DJAcousticSomething DifferentTributeAtmosphericGospelPianistBagpipes
60's - Current Soul * Motown * Pop * Rock
3 vox, guitar, keys, bass, drums, sax, trumpet, trombone
"Pure amazing"
Pop * Soul * Disco * Ska
Male & female vox, guitar, keys, bass, drums, sax, trumpet, trombone
"Brilliant evening, incredible band"
70's - Current Soul * Modern * Pop
1-3 vox, guitar, keys, bass, drums (brass section/percussion available)
"Excellent musicianship"
60's - Current RnB * Motown * Pop * Soul * Modern * Funk
2 vox, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, sax
"Stunning vocalist and fantastic band"
DJ * Band * Pop * Modern * RnB * Dance * Classics
DJ, saxophonist, electric violinist, percussion, beatboxer/rapper and male and female vocalists
"Superb band"
60's - Current Pop * Funk * Soul * Disco * Rock * Classics
Male & female vox, keys, guitar, bass, drums, horns
"Wow what a moment, this band were fantastic"
60's - Current Soul * Funk * Motown * Pop * Rock
2 vox, guitar, keys, bass, drums
"Incredible musicians and singers, highly recommended"
60's - Current Funk * Soul * Classic Rock * Modern * Rock & Roll
Vox, guitar, bass, drums
"Current with golden oldies"
80's - Current Pop * Rock * Soul * Funk * Stevie Wonder * Daft Punk * The Killers
Vox & guitar, keys, bass, drums, (sax optional)
"Wow what an incredible evening"
70's - Current * Pop * Soul * Funk * Rock * Modern
Vox, keys, bass, drums, DJ package available
"Amazing band, amazing evening. Marina was just perfect for our big day"
Ska* Reggae * Rocksteady * The Skatalites * Madness * The Beat * Toots and the Maytals * The Specials * Bad Manners
3 vox, guitar, bass, keys, drums, horns
50's -Early 60's * Rock and Roll
2 vox, guitar, bass, drums
"Extremely reliable, well presented and always professional"
Swing * Pop * Classics * Frank Sinatra * Michael Buble * Tom Jones * Oasis
Horns, bass, guitar, keys, drums
"The band were superb"
Relaxed Jazz * Instrumental * Ballads * Bossa Nova * Standards
Sax, Piano, Double Bass (vox can be added)
"You really set the scene for our evening"
Traditionally Scottish * Ceilidh * Folk * Classical * Pop * Waltz * Jig
Violinist & Caller, Keys, Drums
"The caller kept us dancing all night"
Vintage Swing * Classic Jump Blues * Rocksteady * Ska
Raucous 4 vox, double bass, sax & drums
"Superb performance"
Dance * Pop * Modern * Classics
Vox, sax, electric violin
"Playing all the popular energetic dance tunes we just couldn’t sit down!”
20's - 50's Barber pop * Vintage * Pop
4 part vocal harmony group (Singing waitresses)
"Stunning harmonies, very professional and organised"
Vintage swing * Jazz * Blues * Swing
Vox, piano, trombone
"Phenomenal" Highly recommended by 'Christina Aguilera'
Modern * Gospel * Soul * Choral * Acapella
4-6 vocal harmony group, pianist
"The guys were absolutely amazing, highly recommended"
Swing * Jazz * Pop * Soul * Ibiza * House
Solo sax to tracks for background or to compliment your DJ
"Absolutely fantastic, we partied all night"
Tribute act * Rock * Pop
Lead vox & rhythm guitar, backing vox, lead guitar, bass, drums
“Epic live performance”
Oasis Tribute Act * Wonderwall * Live Forever * Don't Look Back In Anger
Vox, guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums
"Love love loved them"
Swing * Jazz * Frank Sinatra * Dean Martin * Sammy Davis Jnr
Vox to backing tracks
"The Real Deal"
Take That Tribute * Back For Good * Relight My Fire How Deep Is Your Love
3 vox to live band or backing tracks
"For a minute I thought we'd hired the real thing"
Jazz * Blues * Pop * Soul * Pop * Modern * Ballads
Vox & piano or Vox, guitar & drums available as background or party mix
"Cherie you were just perfect"
Jazz * Soul * Pop * Modern * Ballads
Acoustic soloist/duo, vox & guitar, available as background or party mix
"Lily Rose one of the UK's most talented artists"
Soul * RnB * Acoustic * Modern * Contemporary * Pop
Vox, backing vox, guitar, electronic drum, party mix
"These guys are ridiculously talented"
60's * Soul * Funk * Indie * Irish * Pop
Acoustic duo, 2 vox & guitar available as background and party mix
"They were fab, lovely couple and great voices"
50's - Current Jazz * Pop * Soul * Ballad * Modern
Solo act to backing tracks or Duo (Guitar) - also available as a party band
"Couldn't recommend this duo more"
Pop * Standard Jazz * Soul * Folk * Modern * Ballad
Acoustic Soloist/Duo - also available as a party band
"Our guests were blown away"
Indie * Rock * Classics * Modern * Ballads
Acoustic soloist, vox & guitar (drum machine available)
"We absolutely love Katie singing in our restaurant"
Pop * RnB * Soul * Modern * Classics
Acoustic soloist, vox & guitar or vox & piano
“Such a trendy artist with an amazing talent, highly recommended”
Classical * Romantic * All genres
Solo piano available for background or main highlight
“Fantastically brilliant”
Bagpipes * Scottish * Traditional music * Ceilidh
Weddings, Corporate events, Funerals
"Adding bagpipes to our wedding was magical, it was like a dream"
Swing * Jazz * Pop * Soul * Ibiza * House
Solo sax to tracks for background or to compliment your DJ
"Surprised guests at our annual award ceremony"
Swing * Jazz * Pop * Soul * Ibiza * House
Solo sax to tracks for background or to compliment your DJ
"A fantastic night crammed with entertainment"

"We booked our wedding band in January 2016 with LiveBand Entertainment and we’re so glad we did. True to their word they found us the most amazing band ‘Sound’. The process was so stress free, exciting and we really felt like we knew the band before they arrived at our venue. Thank-you so much LBE. You were brilliant as were our band.”

Megan and Andrew 2016

“LiveBand Entertainment thank-you so much for helping us book our wedding band. We had no idea what we were doing or what we wanted. You helped us every step of the way. Highly recommended.”

Mr & Mrs Stewart 2016

“Where do I start, from the minute I contacted LBE they were so friendly, down to earth and approachable. I couldn’t believe the standard of talent we had to choose from. Our original band let us down so we got in touch with LBE last minute. We were doubtful we’d get anything but LBE sorted everything within days we’d booked our band, planned our first dance and were free to get on with our last minute wedding plans without having to worry about the band. This was all taken care of thanks to LBE. We ended up with a band 100 times better than our original booking. (Must have been fate.) I can’t thank you enough. You made our wedding day the best it could ever have been. Thank-you”

Mrs Daisy Richardson 2016

"We came across LBE after searching local live bands. Absolutely loved their website. We struggled to choose from all their amazing bands at first but eventually decided on Functown. The whole process was faultless. The team were extremely friendly and approachable throughout. We were so incredibly pleased with our band choice. Everyone had a fantastic evening. Thank-you"

Mr and Mrs Eastick 2016

"I booked my band through LBE to play live music for my wedding ceremony, drinks reception and evening entertainment. I expected this to take weeks to organize but in days I had everything booked, songs chosen, timings arranged, leaving me with amble time to take care of everything else. Brilliant service. Highly recommended."

Angie and Neil 2016

Our Vow

“We, LiveBand Entertainment take you, loyal client to be amazed.

We are forever grateful and promise to find you the wedding band of your dreams. The memories you will cherish today, tomorrow and forever. With all our hearts we seek to answer all your questions, meet all your requirements and encourage you to take comfort in our expertise. Have faith and we will guide you every step of the way.

As we give you our word to have and to hold. We share with you our bands forever stilled in gold.

Our vow to you is plain and clear. We are here for you and your wishes we adhere.”

Important Information

LBE is based in Ilkley/Harrogate/Leeds. Our bands travel anywhere so don’t panic. All our bands are equipped with vans and love performing in different parts of the UK.

Bespoke first dance: LBE offers to write and produce your every own bespoke first dance or wedding song. This can be performed live on the day by the wedding band you choose.

Benefits of choosing LBE – Every band musician/singer is personally known and recommended by LBE. ‘That Jazz’ playing Melody down the aisle and ‘Functown’ entertaining her evening guests as the main wedding band.

What to expect from your wedding band – Only the best. 110% Professionalism. Our bands will turn up on time, smartly dressed and equipped. They will have pre-learned any requested songs/first dances.

Your band will need ample time to set up and sound check in order to produce the best quality of sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the band need to arrive to set up?

Usual arrival time for your band is 6pm. The band will set up, ensure they have  a thorough sound check making sure they have the best sound possible, quick change and be ready to perform from 7:30-8pm (depending on your preference).

** In addition to this, your band can arrive earlier on to set up, sound check and come back later.

Do they need to be fed and watered?

Yes please. Our band may have travelled quite far, therefore they will be hungry thirsty and need refreshing.  We think of our bands as our babies and we’d never want to leave our babies to go hungry and dehydrated.

Do you need a dressing room?

Ideally our band will want somewhere to change. Especially the ladies. A dressing room is not essential however a clean available bathroom would suffice.

Can the band play our first dance?

Most definitely. Our bands will learn and play absolutely any requests for your first dance. They love it. Take a look at this song by Brenda Fassie ‘Sound’ performed as a first dance last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-foBbt4Vvk

Not the most conventional of choices but the band absolutely loved it and still do to this day.

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