Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club Performance!

On Sunday 3rd March, something BIG happened!! Melody, the director of Live Band Entertainment got to perform at the extremely prestigious venue; Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club!! Eeeeeeek!!! The build up to the event was so exciting for Melody, and Live Band HQ heard all about it every single day up to the day of the performance and have done ever since! Not only did she get to perform there, she performed with Andy Cato aka Groove Armada and Doncaster Jazz Orchestra and all for a fabulous cause! Melody was there in support of the Doncaster Youth Jazz Association (DYJA). Formed in 1973 by John Ellis MBE, DYJA provides specialised individual tuition, instrumental masterclasses, ensemble workshops and performance opportunities via 3 ensembles for young musicians from a range of backgrounds and abilities.

“John is a highly respected gentlemen and he and his team of well trained and exceptionally talented music teachers have unlimited time for their students which is very charming to see. Hearing Andy tell his story with a tear in his eye about the time he spent at DYJA was heartwarming, and consequently highlighted to me how influential DYJA really is” Melody Reed.

All proceeds from the performance at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club will go towards keeping DYJA alive for future generations.

Doncaster Youth Jazz Association

After hearing the horrendous news a few weeks ago about the possibility of music being abolished from schools, Doncaster Youth Jazz Association needs your help more than ever to help create the next generation of musicians. If you would like to support this amazing organisation, please DONATE HERE. It’s feared that creative education could be restricted to children whose parents can afford to pay for it so any amount, no matter how small, will help and be greatly appreciated.

Music unites the world so we need to keep it alive and ensure our next generation stands together.

“You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe; harmonic connection between all living beings everywhere, event the stars.” Robin Williams 2007

Incredible memories were created at Ronnie Scott’s that Melody and the team at Doncaster Youth Jazz Association will never forget. An achievement worth recording and singing about. A tick off the old bucket list. Let’s help our future musicians experience such wonderful opportunities too, by keeping music a vital part in our communities.

Big thank-you to Ronnie Scott’s photographer Carl Hyde for capturing our experience perfectly.

Photo credit to Carl Hyde

Check out LIVE videos of  their amazing performances below:

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Live Band Entertainment believes that music is paramount to survival. Live it, breath it and lose yourself in it.

“I often think in music, I live my daydreams in music” Albert Einstein


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