Ceilidh band

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What is it?

Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee or kay-lay) literally means a gathering, or a party! A Ceilidh band will traditionally play Scottish, Irish, English or Welsh folk music at a gathering or celebration.

Why are they different?

The instruments of a Ceilidh band are often very different to pop or rock bands, featuring fiddles, accordions and whistles. Some bands will use guitars, keyboards, and harmonicas, with the odd drum thrown in. They also have a caller who instructs the dancers! The style of music is obviously very different to any other genre too.

Ceilidh Band Tartan Clan

Do they do weddings?

Absolutely!!!! Our very own Tartan Clan are perfect for weddings! You know how the Scots love to party…these guys are no different! Imagine hooching and hurling round the dance floor in your finery to the most upbeat music you can think of! How utterly amazing and awesome would that be? And you would be expected to dance, the steps are easy to learn so there’s absolutely no excuse for sitting down because you can’t dance. If you want to prepare in advance though, you can look up the steps online for some of the most popular songs.

Here’s a little taster of the fabulous Tartan Clan doing what they do best!

Tartan Clan

If you want to know a little bit more about Tartan Clan, check them out here. If you want to book them for your wedding or any other event, get in touch with us via our contact form, or call Melody on 07828 435299


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