Feel Good Music.

When you listen to feel good music, you release “feel-good” chemicals, known as endorphins, into your body. Singing along is even better. Can you remember the last time you listened to happy music and didn’t feel good? Of course not, unless it was a specific song that holds a different meaning to you. This is why live music is so popular, because you go out to have a good time, to feel good, to enjoy yourself!

The endorphins that you release will improve your mood and help to counteract any negativity. You can make this twofold by actually dancing too! Maybe not “Dad Dancing”, but really letting go and dancing like nobody’s watching, with no inhibitions. The health benefits of feel good music are probably underrated, but they really shouldn’t be. Something that makes you feel good can only be a good thing right? So spread the word, and get yourself off to a gig, a concert or somewhere with awesome live music!

Do you have the radio on whilst you work? If not, why not? It will improve your mood and your productivity. If you can get away with having a little boogie at work whilst you’re singing, DO IT! Even if you’re at home doing chores, put some music on, you’ll get through them much quicker!

Positive Effects of Singing.

Some of the other positive effects of singing are that it helps you to regulate your breathing and promote relaxation. It will also shift the vibrations of your thoughts to a positive direction, therefore putting you in a better mood. Singing in a group is one of most therapeutic and awesome things you can do. This study shows that singing with a group of others holds greater benefits than singing solo. If you’re going to a gig for example, you would sing along to your favourite tunes like you do at home. Imagine singing one of your favourite songs with a whole bunch of other people, all there for the same thing, the same reason. Amazing or what?!

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