Live Band Entertainment Saves The Day

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Live Band Entertainment saves the day!!!

Our reporter on the scene said a bride and groom were royally let down, with just two weeks to go until their big day.

The band that they thought they’d booked (Functown), through another agency – was in fact, not booked at all!!

Visibly shaken, the anguish clear to see on their faces as the questions raced through their minds: How could this happen? What on earth do we do now? Is it possible to book another band at such short notice?


Luckily, Live Band Entertainment swooped in (like all good superheroes do!) to literally save the day, and were able to provide the happy couple to be with the fabulous rock and pop band Pure Electric. Disaster averted!

The wedding party was held in an amazing tipi in Hawksworth, with super twinkly lights, and heaters, which was provided by Bar Events UK

We’re pleased to report that there were no further issues on the big day, and everything went without a hitch (pun fully intended!)

Mother of the bride, Marcia had this to say: “I cannot thank Live Band Entertainment enough. 10 days to the wedding and no band. Melody rescued us when our appeal for help on Fb spread. She found a band for us literally within hours. Not only did the band save the day they absolutely made the day. Pure Electric had everyone up dancing from start to finish. The dance floor was packed for every single song and they really engaged with the crowd, they were perfect. Thank you so very much. I’m still smiling 3 days after the day. Amazing ❤❤❤”

If there’s anything to be learnt from this newsflash, it’s to ALWAYS book through Live Band Entertainment to avoid disappointment.


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