Planning live music for your wedding?

Here are some things to think about if you’re considering live music for your wedding.

When do you want the music?

When you think about live music for your wedding, you would probably only think about the evening do. But what about rest of the wedding? Having a solo singer or band at your ceremony can totally change the mood for everybody involved. You can choose 3-4 songs for events such as the arrival of the bride, the walk down the aisle, signing of the register, and your exit as newlyweds! It’s so much more personal than just having a CD playing in the background.

There’s also the drinks reception. When all the excitement of the actual ceremony has died down a bit, live music at the reception can ramp it back up again. It will give the day a bit of continuity and keep your guests entertained, whilst not being intrusive and allowing people to mingle and chat. Obviously the time of your wedding will depend on how long you’d like the set to be.

Then there’s the wedding breakfast! Whilst you’re eating your first meal as a married couple, the music will keep the buzz of excitement going. You don’t want the party feeling fizzling out before the speeches and heckling starts!

Party Time!

Let’s get the party started! Oh, wait! You need to do your first dance! Some people can’t decide on just one song for their first dance, and why should you?! Choose a couple! After all, it’s your day and you can have what you want! When you’re out of the spotlight, the party really starts! No doubt the kids will be first on the dancefloor doing aeroplanes and knee slides, maybe the groom too! Slowly the dancefloor will start to fill up and people will be throwing shapes to your amazing 1st live set.

There’s usually a 2nd live set to follow, but obviously the singer/band will need a rest in between. That’s where the DJ comes in. Having a DJ in between sets allows the live act to have a rest and possibly a change of clothes and a well earned drink. Plus, no doubt somebody will want to request “The Conga” and start a line going round the venue!! The DJ will come back for their 2nd set after the 2nd live set, which will see you into the wee small hours, dancing the night away to “Agadoo” or “The Birdy Song!”

Venue Check.

Before booking any live music for your wedding, you should check a few things with the venue. For instance, is there any curfew for live music? If so, you might need to alter some timings if you’re having 2 live sets. Ask your chosen artist how many power sockets they need. Check that there are enough available around the performance area for their needs. Speaking of performance area, is it big enough for what you want? If you’re after a 9 piece band and have 3×3 metres available, it’s not going to work very well! If you are having 2 live sets, is there somewhere that can be used as a changing room? Also, it’s worth making sure that the bar and performance area are in the same room. This avoids the guests splitting into 2 different rooms and creates a better atmosphere.

Amazing testimonial!

LiveBand Entertainment recently provided solo artists and a band for the lovely Mr & Mrs Calder, and here’s what they had to say:

” I have tried my best to keep this down to one piece of paper but I could honestly write a book. How do you thank someone for making their wedding weekend so perfect! The night before the big day, we had a Spanish garden party at the house for friends and family, and Liveband Entertainment provided a guitarist for the evening to play in the background. He played songs we knew and also songs that we had a little dance to and kept the chilled mood perfect.

The day of the wedding, Melody sang for us as guests arrived at the Church and also when we signed the register, and it was very moving. She asked us what songs we would like and what sort of mood we wanted for guests and she got it just perfect. With the day being emotional and a little stressful anyway, to have someone you know singing and sharing your special day, put my mind at ease as I knew it would be exactly as I pictured. It is funny how this quiet, softly singing voice can all change in a matter of hours!!

The Evening Do.

The evening do band were out of this world. We met with Melody a few months before to choose our set list. She sent us about 200 songs to decide from! After a long evening or two we finally narrowed it down and then we trusted her with the best order, to keep the night going. The first song of the night was obviously our first dance, and I have never heard someone sing and play “Lucky” so beautifully before. After this, the party started and the music was turned up! Melody had nearly every guest on the dancefloor, even my grandma! Boogying to every single song. Being surrounded by your friends and family on a full dance floor is a moment I won’t ever forget.

We had a few songs which were dedicated to people, of course one being for Mum, and even with this happening, nobody sat down or stopped dancing and the quotes were read out in humour and love. The fact that a band sends you every song you can think of, lets you pick your set and order of songs, allows little messages for each, and keeps the crowd going the whole time, makes your big day a dream. I get goosebumps (and cringe slightly) when I watch the videos of us all dancing from last weekend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Liveband Entertainment. Especially thank you to Melody, for making my whole Miss to Mrs weekend, a weekend I will never forget. I can’t shout your name loud enough. Lots of love, Mr and Mrs Calder xxx”


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