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Those of you that have met Melody will know how passionate she is about music. She truly loves to spread joy and inject music wherever she goes! This is why she created not only LiveBand Entertainment, but also Music Box – Inspiring Voices. The two companies are intrinsically linked by Melody’s infectious enthusiasm for all things musical. People of all backgrounds, abilities and ages can get involved.

How Music Box Was Born.

The aim of Music Box – Inspiring Voices is to make a difference to people’s lives. Injecting music into everyone and introducing them to the powerful world of creativity and feel good music. They do this by creating fun, uplifting performance opportunities.

When Melody’s dad passed away 9 years ago, her family received letter after letter from previous students and pupils thanking him for believing in them, guiding them through school or college, and creating so many wonderful memories for them. Melody would love to follow in his footsteps and touch the lives of people in the same way.


Music Box – inspiring voices works with Health For All, Leeds charity – facilitating workshops for staff, families and children. They provide these workshops at Herd Farm Activity Centre, Eccup Reservoir, Harrogate Road, Leeds, and at Shipley College. Workshops are either group sessions, or on a one to one basis. There are no set dates and times for these workshops because Music Box aim to be flexible and will work with the client to book a date and time to suit.


As well as the Workshops there are several regular classes available that are run by Music Box: Monkey See Monkey Do (preschool age), Mini’s (age 4-8), Juniors (age 8-16), and Adults (age 16-116!) so there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE to not join in!

Some of the classes have performed at the Yorkshire Children Of Courage Awards, as well as school fetes and fairs. They are also involved with fund raising events for Leonard Cheshire Disability and Children in Need!

To find out more about any of these fabulous and fun classes, follow the links above or contact Melody (also known as Superwoman!): 07828 435299 or [email protected]

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