And you can tell everybody, this is your song” Elton John

A personalised song just for you. Share your story….

Do you ever sing along to music in the car? The shower perhaps? Of course you do. We all sing along to our favourite songs everyday without realising it. But, have you ever listened to the words? I mean really listened. Ever wondered what they mean? Why they were written? Every song tells a story. All songs have a message, a hidden meaning. Every song is about somebody, somewhere. Imagine a song that tells your story and shares your memories, capturing your special moments!  A personalised song just for you.

LiveBand Entertainment offers personalised songwriting for anyone wanting to share their treasured moments with their family and friends in a unique and creative way. Capturing years of powerful memories all in one song. The perfect addition to any event. You could even get your band to perform your song live, or just treasure it forever, a keepsake. You never know, it could end up being the next No.1.

What we’d need to know:

Most importantly, tell us a bit about yourselves…

What’s your favourite style of music?

Would you like a romantic piece or do you prefer something comical?

Would you like to feature in the recording? Either as a musician or singer?

Maybe you’d like to write the lyrics yourself!

You can have everything to do with your song or nothing at all, it’s entirely up to you. Once your song is written and produced it’s yours. You can do whatever you want with it.

If you want any more information on this please get in touch. LBE would be more than happy to help. We will write and record the perfect personalised song for you “and you can tell everybody, this is your song“.

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