How to be a good wedding guest…
“I solemnly swear that I, The Wedding Guest, will make it my absolute priority to ensure The Happy Couple truly have the best day of their lives!”

It is your responsibility to ensure your Bride and Groom/Bride & Bride/Groom & Groom (let’s call them BGBBGG’s) have the best day of their lives on their wedding day. If you’re a wedding guest, you’re most likely a close friend or family member to at least one of the newly weds to be, so please do them a favour and follow our 10 fundamental rules to ensure you keep to your vow.

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The Wedding Guest Rules:

  1. Turn up on time.
  2. Don’t turn up drunk.
  3. Remember to bring the card (with money in)/present.
  4. Take your BGBBGG’s a drink (don’t ask them if they want one just take it to them!)
  5. Smile/Laugh/Clap/Cheer.
  6. (Essential) Make a fuss of the dress/suit/cake.
  7. Dance! Dance like you’ve never danced before. Even if you don’t like the music. Dance!
  8. Compliment your BGBBGG’s on their big day. (Even if you’re having the worst time ever which I’m sure you won’t be especially if LiveBand Entertainment are playing.)
  9. Don’t leave early.

No, you’re not solely responsible for their day, however you do have a big part to play.

I have sung at so many weddings and during my hours of “happily waiting around” I have observed everyone/everything that goes on.

One of my pet hates occurs when it’s time to cut the cake. This might not be a big moment for you, however your BGBBGG’s have most likely spent a small fortune on their very intricate piece of delicious art. So get up from your seat, congregate around them, make a fuss and take a photo or two. Furthermore, congratulate them on how beautiful it is. Come on it’s really not that hard.

Do not sit down after the first dance, join your newly weds on the dance floor and DANCE!

Make an effort to get snap happy with the happy couple. They might have spent most of the day with the photographer but they’ll love it if you approach them for a selfie. They should feel like celebrities.


If you follow these 10 simple rules you’ll have one very happy and grateful BGBBGG.

Have fun.

Check out the fabulous ‘FuncTown’ performing a first dance for our beautiful couple Nat and Matt:


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